Creating products with Performance enhancing technologies for HVACR manufactures, Quick payback products for dealers. Energy saving solutions for building owners. Saving is easy. Free hot water while cooling your air I'm saving over $550 a year in electricity costs. I'm able to keep the water heater power completely off for eight and a half months every year. - Customer Testimonial One solutions that continues to work is ZeroEnergy... we installed is a few years ago on the boiler for our restaurant and saw a big decrease in our costs immediately. - Customer Testimonial We're throwing away energy... and here's how to get it back: solving out energy problems isn't about producing more power, or using less. It's about getting the most out of what we already have. - Popular Science - December 1, 2011 - Article on waste energy recovery Great savings for large, air-cooled AC systems Finally, an inexpensive geothermal solution. Enhancing standard HVAC systems with geothermal efficiency. Seals - Restores - Protects. Coil Plus revitalizes AC coils to save costs and enhance indoor air quality. Changing the world through radical reductions in energy cost and consumption.

Innovative Technologies for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our patented products and technologies lower costs and greenhouse gases dramatically by reclaiming wasted heat and cold energy.

We create and improve technology for manufacturers of these products:

The results are the “greenest” on the planet.  Read The Green Truth.

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technology sharing

Manufacturers access our proven innovations and development capabilities to leap forward in energy efficiency.


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