Business Opportunities

Now more than ever, business leaders understand the importance of achieving gains in energy efficiency and sustainability.  There is tangible risk in remaining vulnerable to increasing energy costs and in falling behind on efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Olive Tree Energy's innovative use of existing and new heat recovery technology turns risk into opportunity.  For example, an EER Max™ retrofit typically provides between 2,400 and 4,800 BTU’s of additional cooling capacity per ton of system capacity, while reducing compressor power consumption by 5 to 10%.  Our Dual Source™ technology provides efficiency gains of anywhere from 15 to 35% and capacity gains at similar percentages.  These kinds of gains pay back quickly.

Because our technologies are patented or proprietary, Olive Tree Energy is likely to be the only energy solution provider who can deliver these results, which have been independently verified by third parties.  We hope you'll ask us for the data.  

With many years of experience in applying our technologies, we understand well how to adapt them to the uniqueness of your situation. We are as innovative in the application of technology as we are in the creation of it. 

Let's work together to maximize every opportunity.