Values and Triple Bottom Line


Our organization shares a set of common values that guide our decisions and actions:

CUSTOMER DELIGHT - Creating positive and memorable experiences.

INNOVATION - Constantly improving to accomplish unique solutions.

EXCELLENCE - Virtuously pursuing the best result.

INTEGRITY - Living and being true to our values.

RELATIONSHIPS - Respecting and honoring people.

STEWARDSHIP - Responsibly managing precious resources.

BENEVOLENCE - Helping the poor, weak and needy people of the world.


Triple Bottom LineTriple Bottom Line

We’re pleased that our values as an organization are consistent with the Triple Bottom Line as the standard for our success.  We are responsible to many stakeholders beyond our owners, so our performance is measured socially and ecologically, as well as financially.  Our priorities as a business are People, Planet and Profits, in that order.


Innovative Technologies for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our patented products and technologies lower costs and greenhouse gases dramatically by reclaiming wasted heat and cold energy.

We create and improve technology for manufacturers of these products:

The results are the “greenest” on the planet.  Read The Green Truth.

Technology Sharing

technology sharing

Manufacturers access our proven innovations and development capabilities to leap forward in energy efficiency.