Partner with Olive Tree Energy and The Pocket Testament League to help change lives around you. Forever.

We would also like to invite you to consider the steps to peace found at the this link.

Olive Tree Energy also believes in managing personal spiritual energy to achieve eternal sustainability.  We would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this idea.  We would also like to pray for you if you’re facing personal challenges or exploring spiritual possibilities.  Please send us an email using the form below. 

We are also involved in several local ministries, including Abe Brown Ministries and Hope Children’s Home. At Abe Brown Ministries, our team has completed a transitional living facility for ex-offenders who are seeking to re-enter and become productive members of society. At Hope Children’s Home, our expertise in design and sustainable construction has enabled us to build the world’s first LEED-certified private orphanage in a small enclave, with plans for 5 more buildings in the future.

This community service ethos is encouraged by and is an active part of our company culture, as these are among our most important projects. It is also shared by individual team members, who not only assist in these projects as employees, but also take this ministry focus into their daily lives.


Innovative Technologies for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our patented products and technologies lower costs and greenhouse gases dramatically by reclaiming wasted heat and cold energy.

We create and improve technology for manufacturers of these products:

The results are the “greenest” on the planet.  Read The Green Truth.

Technology Sharing

technology sharing

Manufacturers access our proven innovations and development capabilities to leap forward in energy efficiency.