Coil Plus™ Revitalizing Protective Treatment

Description and Benefits

Coil Plus™ renews coils and metals in HVACR air handlers and condensing units with a chemical bond (not a coating) to enhance dehumidication/heat transfer, and to protect from the corrosive effects of degradation, humidity, pollutants and salt air elements.

Coil Plus™ Benefits:

Renewed coil fins and other metals: Coil Plus™ restores corroded evaporator and condenser coils, cabinets and other metal parts, and prevents clean parts from experiencing corrosion.

Guaranteed HVAC efficiency improvement: Coil Plus™ enables enhanced heat transfer by re-established bridging between fins and tubes, which then results in better air cooling.

Reduced operating costs: Treating systems with Coil Plus™ causes energy consumption by the HVACR systems to be reduced.

Protection from future corrosion and degradation. Because chemical-bond technology is utilized, Coil Plus™ is significantly more effective than "cleaning" and other comparably-priced coating products, which tend to “ablate” or peel off. Expected efficiency loss from coil degradation is reduced for the first 3 to 4 years after Coil Plus™ treatment.

Enhanced indoor air quality and comfort: When treated with Coil Plus™, coils and metals shed moisture and dehumidify better. The chemical properties of the spray inhibit mold growth, break down carbons and reduce effect of pollutants (smoke, smog, acid rain, etc.).

Reduced future maintenance and capital expenditures: HVACR temperatures/head pressures improve after Coil Plus™ treatment due to better heat transfer, thereby reducing common (and costly) coil failures. Also, less future cleaning is required due to the “self-cleaning” properties of Coil Plus™.

Projected Financial Performance with Coil Plus™

Residential 5 ton heat pump split systems (2 units):

  • Cost savings per year: $304
  • Installed cost: $950 for both
  • Return on Investment: 32% ($304/$950)
  • Payback period: 3.1 years ($950/$304)

Commercial 10 ton DX package rooftop AC systems (3 units):

  • Cost savings per year: $870
  • Installed cost: $2,550 for all 3
  • Return on investment: 34% ($870/$2,550)
  • Payback period: 2.9 years ($2,550/$870)

Restaurant walk-in cooler or freezer unit and freezer unit (2 to 5 HP):

  • Cost savings per year: $288
  •   Installed cost: $675
  • Return on investment: 43% ($288/$675)
  •   Payback period: 2.3 years ($675/$288)

Commercial ice machine (1000 lb):

  • Cost savings per year: $276
  •   Installed cost: $580
  • Return on investment: 48% ($276/$580)
  •   Payback period: 2.1 years ($580/$276)

Commercial 60 ton chiller:

  • Cost savings per year: $1,036
  • Installed cost: $3,600
  • Return on investment: 29% ($1,036/$3,600)
  • Payback period: 3.5 years ($3,600/$1,036)

Commercial 440 ton chiller:

  • Cost savings per year: $7,316
  • Installed cost: $24,200
  • Return on investment: 30% ($7,316/$24,200)
  • Payback period: 3.3 years ($24,200/$7,316)
NOTE: Financial performance data is based on assumptions of normal installation costs, average HVACR run time hours in the Southeastern US, and $.11 per KWH electric utility cost. Performance will vary depending on actual conditions and location.
NOTE: The above figures are assuming an application of Coil Plus™ is performed on clean HVACR coils. When one adds the benefit of cleaning, which is a normal part of a Coil Plus™ treatment, financial performance is as much as 2 times better than what is shown above.

Important: Additional financial benefits with Coil Plus™ not included above: Lower future maintenance costs resulting from cooler operating conditions/lower pressures of system; and fewer capital expenditures for equipment replacement due to extended useful life.

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