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Homeowner comments about ZeroEnergy®

“You will no doubt recall how skeptical I was of the claims you made concerning your system, and, how I agreed to write a testimonial letter if the unit vindicated itself. Well, it did, and here is your letter. The ZeroEnergy unit was, in short, definitely a worthwhile addition! Should anyone require any further verification, my number is…”

“The Zero Energy Water heating system allows me to leave the power off to my hot water heater eight months out of the year, and it supplies us with plenty of hot water.”

Dealer-Contractor comments about ZeroEnergy®

“I’ve been selling and installing the ZeroEnergy® for 3 years and it has helped our business greatly. I want to be on the cutting edge of providing green, energy efficient solutions to our customers, who are looking for the highest payback products possible. The ZeroEnergy® works great with newer, energy efficient AC systems or as a stand alone installation. Either way, our customers rave about the energy savings we’re giving them and I’m planning to increase sales this year…”