EER Max® Energy Recovery System

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This patented energy recovery system reclaims wasted cool energy from building exhaust air and expelled condensate water and uses it to pre-cool the hot gas refrigerant of existing air source chiller equipment or DX type HVAC systems in small to large size commercial buildings. It enhances the efficiency by 20 to 40%, resulting in either less electrical power usage, added cooling capacity where it is needed or a combination of both. At the same time, it provides a small amount of water conservation by recycling condensate waste water. Payback periods range from 2.5 to 5 years, depending on the application.

The EER Max® has been installed successfully in governmental and commercial buildings, including post offices, military facilities, manufacturing and office buildings. The available EER Max® unit sizes range from as small as 6 tons (or 2 units that are 3 tons each) up to 100 tons. It can also be installed for systems up to 200 tons in size with the application of 2 100-ton units to a "dual circuit" HVAC system. This can occur with retrofit applications, or when installed along side of other equipment in new construction settings. While its installed price is similar to energy recovery ventilators, it is a more comprehensive system and performs 3 to 4 times better on average.