The Greenest Water Heating Device in the World Saves Your Customers Up to 80%

ZeroEnergy® produces free hot water from normally wasted heat produced by air conditioning.

How it works. ZeroEnergy transfers normally wasted heat energy from your AC to your water heaterA water heater uses a lot more energy than most people think because plenty of power is required to heat a big tank. It’s responsible for up to 25% of a typical utility bill.

At the same time, air conditioning removes heat from a building and throws it off outside into the environment as waste. The ZeroEnergy® recaptures that heat energy and reuses it to heat water. It’s an old concept, but the ZeroEnergy® does it in a revolutionary new, yet proven, way.

ZeroEnergy® requires no power input and no maintenance. Plus it actually increases the efficiency of the AC system.

Because there is no pump and no electrical power required, ZeroEnergy® has the highest coefficient of performance in the industry and offers “worry free” operation. It has an unmatched 10 year warranty and
helps your AC system perform better and last longer.

ZeroEnergy® has the lowest overall lifecycle cost of all hot water heating systems.

Lifecycle cost is the “bottom line” performance measurement for water heating systems. When comparing to other options, one must carefully consider installation costs, maintenance requirements and energy savings/return on investment over time.

ZeroEnergy® outperforms them all, reducing water
heating costs by up to 80% in some applications.
All things considered, ZeroEnergy® is the best option
for anyone who wants to save energy and protect
the environment. ZeroEnergy® is, quite simply, the
Greenest Hot Water Heating Device in the World!

ZeroEnergy® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over four tons per year in the typical residential application.

ZeroEnergy® reduces the energy use and carbon footprint of homes and buildings. In the the typical residential application, ZeroEnergy® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 4 tons of greenhouse gasses per year!

How important is that? Well, if just 100,000 homes use ZeroEnergy®, one less coal-fired power plant will
be needed. That’s a huge plus for the environment. ZeroEnergy® is a blessing for everybody on the planet.

 Homeowner comments about ZeroEnergy®

“I’m saving over $550 a year in electricity costs. I’m able
to keep the water heater power completely off for eight
and a half months every year.”

“You will no doubt recall how skeptical I was of the claims you made concerning your system, and, how I agreed to
write a testimonial letter if the unit vindicated itself. Well,
it did, and here is your letter. The ZeroEnergy® unit was,
in short, definitely a worthwhile addition! Should anyone
require any further verification, my number is…”

“I keep my house at 84 degrees because I have
high efficiency windows and use ceiling fans. The
ZeroEnergy® Water heating system allows me to leave
the power off to my hot water heater eight months out
of the year, and it supplies us with plenty of hot water.”



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       º  Free hot water 
       º  Increased A/C efficiency
       º  No electrical power, pumps or maintenance

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Dealer-Contractor comments about ZeroEnergy®

“I’ve been selling and installing the ZeroEnergy® for 3 years and it has helped our business greatly. I want to be on the cutting edge of providing green, energy efficient solutions to our customers, who are looking for the highest payback products possible. The ZeroEnergy® works great with newer, energy efficient AC systems or as a stand alone installation. Either way, our customers rave about the energy savings we’re giving them and I’m planning to increase sales this year…”