Tom Hebert

With over 40 years experience in the construction, HVACR and refrigeration industries, Mr. Hebert has invented and been the principal design engineer for numerous technologies, including 18 patented products plus numerous additional patent pending products.  Mr. Hebert has focused on product development, applications and manufacturing/production development, and has spent over thirty years in the development and research of his proprietary inventions. Mr. Hebert earned a BS degree in Physics and an M.SCI degree in Physical Chemistry (Thermodynamics) from the University of South Florida (USF).

Before forming Olive Tree Energy, Mr. Hebert owned and operated Professional Energy Solutions, which is a manufacturing and R&D company for various energy conservation technologies invented by Mr. Hebert. He also served as Vice President of Research and Development for Global Energy Group, Inc. and served its predecessor Global Engineering and Energy Research Corp. (GEER) in this capacity. He served as Vice President of Engineering and Research with Energy Technologies. He served as a consultant to the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulations, writing various Florida State Contracting exams in all categories.  He also has active Florida State Contracting certifications in the Mechanical (since 1972), General (class A) (since 1971), and Plumbing categories.

Innovative Technologies for Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our patented products and technologies lower costs and greenhouse gases dramatically by reclaiming wasted heat and cold energy.

We create and improve technology for manufacturers of these products:

The results are the “greenest” on the planet.  Read The Green Truth.

Technology Sharing

technology sharing

Manufacturers access our proven innovations and development capabilities to leap forward in energy efficiency.