Setting the Standard for Environmental Responsibility

Government facilities are leading the way into an era of sustainability and energy conservation.  To meet these high standards, facilities managers need powerful and proven innovations, and they need them right away. 

Olive Tree Energy is the partner you can count on to deliver sizable gains in efficiency and achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  The technology is available--and at a surprisingly low cost on retrofit or new installations.  We provide solutions that build on patented or proprietary technology, verified in third party studies, and applied in the real world.

We always take into consideration your existing equipment and facility needs.  We then engineer solutions that use our innovative energy recovery technology to bring you the greatest gains in efficiency with attractive payback periods.

Let us develop a proposal based on your situation, with reliable projections of your energy efficiency and carbon footprint.  Olive Tree Energy will prove that meeting a higher standard is not a dream.  It's possible today.