Manufacturing Facilities

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Maintaining comfort and ensuring air quality are important to sustaining the productivity of your building occupants. In addition, temperature and humidity control are essential for your manufacturing processes in delivering a quality product. The reliability of your HVAC&R system is critical. System downtime clearly cannot be tolerated.

As the facility manager, you face a multitude of tasks your HVAC&R systems must complete. At the same time, you are challenged to conserve financial resources and keep overhead low.

How much do you spend? The amount depends, of course, on the climate of your location, size of your facility, age and efficiency of your existing equipment, daily operations and a variety of other factors.

Historically, the price of electricity has varied significantly. Current costs are near record lows. However, as the need for “reliable” electrical supply continues to become a valid concern (as we’ve seen recently in California and other areas of the country) and the demand for energy is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 1.7 percent through 2020, negative price fluctuations are certainly a risk.

Regardless of your current electrical costs, increasing your equipment's efficiency decreases your electrical dependence; therefore, reducing your operational budget and directly impacting your bottom line.

Thus, the evaluation of HVAC&R upgrades makes good sense. Olive Tree Energy can provide HVAC&R enhancements that will produce favorable operating/ownership costs for your buildings — today and in the years to come. Consider the opportunities of putting our exclusive technology to work at your facility.

A solution as unique as your building’s needs.

Your building and its environment are unique. The same can be said for the recommendation we create for you — based on your individual needs and our extensive experience. One or a combination of our proprietary, patented technologies may be required.

Allow one of our representatives the opportunity to visit with you personally. We look forward to discussing the many variables that must be considered in crafting the ideal solution for your facility.